Aunty WhatsApp Number for Friendship and Marriage

Marathi Aunty Number

Hello friends, today we will share Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship on If you want to have friendship with a aunty in your region, you are at the right place. You’ll get all types of aunties numbers here.

Aunty Number

Hitakshi +91 82666250009
Jainya +91 98764402888
Kairavi +91 89876553920
Lakshya +91 97888653092
Madhul +91 99377730026
Nirvi +91 91333248900
Pranada +91 88774655530
Rasha +91 96775400398

So here are the numbers of aunties from your area. You can contact with easily through WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to start a conversation with any girls or women then we will also give you a step by step guide which will help you in your communication skills.


Name: Rubeena
Whatsapp: +919654160852.

Hello my name is rubina. I’m 36 years and old from India. I’m looking for a good boy to have fun. If you are interested in me please contact me through WhatsApp. I’m posting my number on Jexce. I hope that admin will share my post on the website.

Aunty Phone Numbers

Shravya +91 87466350009
Banhi +91 93442667900
Swadhee +91 86663555098
Twinkle +91 97666459903
Umika +91 88999655432
Varenya +91 97555642133
Zoya +91 89888905564
Aaradhya +91 97664333256

Only serious boys should contact me. If you are strong and masculine I will prefer you. I’m really unhappy with my marriage and I need some one who can chat with me and me happy.

Anjali aurora

Name: Anjali Aurora.
Whatsapp: +918860721613.

My name is Anjali and I’m from India. I’m searching for a partner to start a healthy relationship. I’m 29 years and I really need a boyfriend to share my feelings. I want to chat with him and have fun.

Indian Aunties Whatsapp Numbers

Ishpreet  +91 88277726900
Kuhu +91 97666529902
Nitanya +91 87266625411
Pihu +91 99625552439
Abha +91 89000244452
Ruhani +91 98266625670
Suhab +91 88999267772
Ziane +91 96255527890

So if you are serious to start a relationship please contact me on my number which I’m sharing here on this website. I hoke I will get my partner here soon. Come inbox ASAP so that we can have fun….!
Admin please approve my request and share my numbers in the list Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship or in ant other list I need a boyfriend.

Kalpana Devi

Name: Kalpana Devi
Whatsapp: +919727438678.

Hi guys, my name is Kalpana and I’m looking for new friends in India. I’m 33 years old. As all of my friends are already married and having fun. I need a boyfriend who can make me happy. I’m currently doing a full time job which hardly gives me time to look for partner. Therefore I’m posting my number on this website so that I can find my real love partner.

Aunties Mobile Numbers

Varnika +91 88277725642
Tiyashi +91 98299266625
Sargun +91 82888920002
Tamara +91 90299927862
Rutvika +91 89200256242
Saanvi +91 99200265276
Paari +91 87899052422
Nyra +91 92777200000

If you are interested in long term relationship then contact me through WhatsApp. I’m sharing my number and hopefully admin will approve my number.

Sushmita Panday

Name: Sushmita Pandy
Whatsapp Number: +919958202053.

Hello, this is Sushmita. I’m 38 years old from Bombay and looking for men to start a relationship. If you interested in me please contact me on my number. I’m posting my number on Jexce. You can easily contact me on WhatsApp or call me directly. I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.
Only serious men should contact me. Thank you.

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Beautiful Aunties for Friendship

Prisha +91 88277729020
Mannat +91 99000288888
Luvisha +91 89200025678
Hrida +91 98299924524
Fiona +91 88299920020
Dakshita +91 90272562582
Chainika +91 88099925242
Bhuvika +91 99255526008

So this was the introduction of some of the ladies that are mentioned in today’s list Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship. These aunties are eagerly searching for their life partner. Your wait is over. If you want to have fun and start a healthy relationship then start the conversation right now. Take the numbers from the list down below and have fun

Aunty WhatsApp Numbers List

Advika +91 89200025242
Angel +91 92999200024
Bahar +91 88725300929
Aaradhya +91 99155514200
Yashika +91 88255524100
Vamakshee +91 99000244423
Triya +91 88299902442
Sanemi +91 99025524440

There are more then 200 numbers on our list which are active on WhatsApp. If you don’t use WhatsApp you can contact them by SMS or Call. Make sure to be real quick before some else get them.

As you will start the conversation if they will like you they will probably ask you for an online date. If you don’t know about online dating, I’ll tell you some basic information about it and also tell you some tips to make sure that you don’t mess up on your first online date.

Is Using WhatsApp is Important?

Well, WhatsApp is a great source of communication. It allows you communicate with your friends and families. It’s free all you need is just the numbers which I have provided you in the list Aunty WhatsApp Numbers.

Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship

Shweteeka +91 89000654233
Venya +91 97666542002
Yaadvee +91 88133342555
Deleena +91 99099044432
Aarya +91 88990442318
Bhuvika +91 90045534534
Frankie +91 88944133425
Ganakshi +91 99990755564

All the numbers that are on today’s list are active on WhatsApp only. So yes it’s important to contact them through WhatsApp. You’ll also get to know easily on WhatsApp whether the aunty has seen your text or not.

So it’s highly recommend and important to contact with the beauty aunties who are waiting for to approach them and have fun. Do not wait how save the numbers and start having fun.

Online Date With Aunties

Hrida +91 86099034221
Janya +91 97745555423
Myra +91 88000966542
Mishika +91 99000453324
Preetha +91 88004553217
Rabani +91 99994555352
Sameera +91 88099233414
Vangmayee +91 99993005400

Online date is a great way to know the person before meeting her or him in real life. Here is how it works. If the aunties that are in Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship like you they will surely ask you for an online date.

It’s basically a video call in which she will ask you about yourself just to see you are the same person she saw in the picture. Make sure to sit in full lighting and prefer night time.

Have nice and neat dressing, make your hairstyle and have confidence. That’s all it takes to impress ladies on an online date.

Ziana +91 86755534214
Omya +91 90076553421
Nitya +91 88966654003
Mishika +91 99099005433
Luvisha +91 88006643120
Kavya +91 94663002314
Ishpreet  +91 88996743533
Imara +91 99009332411


So all of the necessary information has been provided. Herr is a complete list of Aunty WhatsApp Numbers for Friendship. Just save the numbers and have fun. Remember to use all the tips that we have discussed. You’ll surely get your dream aunty.

If you are serious to get a aunty as your friend this is a perfect chance for you. If you liked this article please let us know the comments.

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